New Movie Trailer and Mia Vampire Video

11:16 AM

Our biggest news is that a full Dr Liebenstein movie trailer will be premiering on March 5th! Please look for it on our Facebook page that day. It will be posted on here shortly afterward.
Here's our most popular video featuring Mia Doran as she adds her vampire fangs in this behind the scenes look at Dr Liebenstein.

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Movie Plot

When a menacing vampire is summoned from the darkness and begins terrorizing couples in Chicago, a doctor with a haunted past is determined to confront and destroy him. One evening, a Midwestern girl named Michelle finds herself struggling for her life when a date in the woods goes seriously wrong. When she meets a mysterious doctor, Michelle discovers that the doctor might be the only person who can help her stay alive. Dr Liebenstein is a thrilling vampire movie that will keep you at the edge of your seat.
Starring in Dr Liebenstein are Erik Karl, Mia Doran, Jessica Henwick (Iron Fist, Game of Thrones), Claire Coppi, Kevin Craig Wesley, Monica Szaflik, Travis Porchia, Robert Carroll, Kelly Baskin, Adina Krasnik, Casey Hartnett, and Daniel Nosek.