Dr Liebenstein Behind the Scenes Photos

These are some behind the scenes photos from the movie Dr Liebenstein taken on November 3rd and 4th of 2012. We began filming about 5 or 6 PM on the 3rd and filmed until 3:30 AM on the 4th. Then we started filming all over again on the evening of the 4th. These photos were all taken from the 1st complete night of shooting. Big thanks to Juan Soria for being on hand to take these!

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A young journalist visits the mansion of a couple of horror novelists in attempt to reveal the truth behind their recently successful collaboration titled Dr Liebenstein.

The novelists tell the story of a menacing vampire who was summoned from the darkness and began terrorizing couples in Chicago. A doctor with a haunted past was determined to confront and destroy the vampire.

The journalist suspects that there are significant elements of fact to the story of Dr Liebenstein and risks opening the Pandora's Box of her own past.

This is the Special Edition (2018) version of Dr Liebenstein with new special effects, music, and scenes including Jessica Henwick (Iron Fist, Star Wars), Mia Doran (Dead Girls) and Christina Collard (Dracula the Impaler).